Employer Resources

Mental Health in the Workplace

It is important that we talk about mental illness in ways that are supportive and open in all aspects, including the workplace. Northland Healthy Minds aims to provide a variety of resources and support tools to help make your workplace more supportive of mental health and for those experiencing mental health struggles.

Work Effects on Mental Health
  • 61% of workers stated their productivity was affected by their mental health

  • 37% of workers stated their work environment contributed to their symptoms

  • More work days are lost due to stress, depression and anxiety than any other illness​​

Source: MindShare Partners Mental Health at Work 2019 report 

Take action in your workplace

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Customized Make It Ok Toolkit

Each year, Northland Healthy Minds provides a customized toolkit featuring weekly materials to launch a Make it Ok campaign at your organization including flyers, newsletters, and leader guidelines to get you started.

COVID-19 Employer Toolkit

We have a toolkit to help your employees deal with the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Additional Toolkits

In addition to Northland Healthy Mind's customized toolkits, below you will find other trusted employer resources.


Multiple workplace tool kits including  best practices from the field, scientific research, and insights drawn from  professionals managing mental health conditions.


StigmaFree Company is NAMI’s partnership initiative to challenge, highlight and cultivate a company culture of caring and enhanced engagement around mental health.

Social Services Location Tool

Resourceful is a free community resource guide to help you find free and reduced cost services locally. 

Enter your zip code below or visit the website (https://www.wearerourceful.org/)