Our Mission

Northland Healthy Minds is a collaborative of businesses, organizations and people working together to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness.


Our Vision

We envision a community that is caring and compassionate for people with mental illnesses.

Coalition Structure

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed primarily of representatives from funding organizations, and is responsible for outcomes and fiscal agency.

Current executive committee organizations include:

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Work Groups

Work groups are monthly meetings for planning the details of community events, and workplace initiatives.


Work groups are comprised of current individual coalition members and open to anyone in the community.


If interested in learning more about current work groups and past activities, visit the Get Involved page.

Coalition Members

The Northland Healthy Minds Coalition is open to any interested person or organization. 

Coalition meetings, held quarterly, help shape Northland Healthy Mind projects, and are a place for education and networking.

If interested in joining, view the
Get Involved page for meeting details.

Coalition History


Northland Healthy Minds was inspired by a City of Duluth Make It OK campaign for City employees in the spring of 2017. Quickly, other businesses, governmental agencies were interested in the topics of mental health and mental illness, and a broader Coalition began meeting monthly in 2018.



Northland Healthy Minds organized community events for Mental Health Awareness Month in May 2018, including an event with comedian John Moe from The Hilarious World of Depression. Northland Healthy Minds has continued to meet and plan community events, trainings, and workplace initiatives.

2019 - current

Northland Healthy Minds delivered year-round programming in 2018-2019, and is continuing year-round operation in 2019-2020.